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Sucess story from Hilton

Learn how Evercontact helped Tesla accomplish its mission to make a CRM for people whose business relies on relationship-building.

Hilton franchises and manages a large variety of resorts and hotels.

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. is a multinational hospitality company established in 1919. Hilton franchises and manages a large variety of resorts and hotels. Their portfolio includes over 6,200 properties in about 120 countries and territories. Hilton is the 2nd most popular hotel brand in the world.

The Challenge

Hilton faced challenges with retrieving contact information from their inbound emails and establishing a centralized system for their CRM. Putting together accurate contact information for each individual associate and prospect is a timely matter which also runs risks of human error. Hilton was missing an automated system that would accurately put together these contact profiles.

The Solution

Evercontact’s Pro Solution automatically extracts contact details from signatures in one's incoming emails. The Pro Solution tool instantly adds the retrieved contact information to an address book and CRM system. In addition, it automatically detects and updates any changes for existing contacts.


Hilton is set up with our Pro Solution to seamlessly fetch contacts from inbound emails and then to centralize those contacts across their various marketing tools. Evercontact has saved Hilton countless hours of retrieving accurate contact information from emails. Integrating Evercontact’s Pro Solution enhanced Hilton’s CRM system by adding new contacts and automatically updating them to ensure accuracy of the information.

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