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Extract contact info from email signature blocks

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What is it for?

Are you a developer ? This API will allow you to extract contact information from an email and turn it into vCards.


This API can:

- Update an enterprise’s CRM.

- Create/Update client lists with complete contact information

- Sync an Address Book with the most up-to-date contact data.

How does it work?

Security and Privacy

You access the API via a REST call. The API returns a Json Object embedding the extracted vCard. When accessing the API, you just have to send the email envelope (from, to, cc, subject and date) and the email content in Html or plain text.

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Terms of Use

The HTML calls are encrypted by SSL and the architecture is stateless so no content is conserved.


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The API is deployed within a Tomcat Web container; Apache2 and mod-jk dispatch the calls. The API is also based on Apache UIMA Asynchronous Scaleout framework. This framework aims at processing unstructured information (text, image, audio, etc.).





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