AddMe by Evercontact - Spread YOUR contact details efficiently!

Insert your personalized AddMe link to your signature so everyone you email can grab your contact info in 1-click.

Set up your Online Business Card

How it works

  • After a quick customization of your AddMe link, insert it into your email signature.
  • In the future, if you change your phone number, your job or any other info, all you need to do is to update your AddMe link and that new info is there for your contacts in one click.

What you get

  • Everyone you email can click on your AddMe link in your signature and immediately push all of your contact details (telephone numbers, address, social profiles etc) to their address book.

Tip - You can really insert your AddMe link anywhere on the web. Or to make sure that your current contacts have YOUR up-to-date info, send them a short email with your AddMe so in 1-click, they can update you to their address book.

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