Your Outlook contacts automatically updated, FREE!

No more missing or outdated contacts in your Outlook address book.

Download Outlook Add-in

Outlook add-in

Outlook add-in

Evercontact for Outlook can manage your contacts for you automatically!

Our daily service allows you to update your contacts directly to Outlook and the process is 100% automated saving you precious time for every new contact, every day.

Every day you're in contact with a new person (or someone whose contact details aren't up to date), Evercontact will create or update those contacts.

You can accept/reject all of these contacts in your online dashboard or on the run with our iPhone app (Android coming soon).

Main features of Evercontact for Outlook

After a 3-min installation, Evercontact will work in the background to make your life easier by updating or automatically creating new entries to your address book.

Detection & Automatic updates for contacts

Evercontact's daily service for Outlook

Flashback for Outlook

Evercontact for Outlook automatically detects new contact details for your existing contacts or creates new contacts as well. These new contact details are of course organized into their specific data fields (telephone, name, company name etc), and are then integrated directly into your Outlook address book.

To make sure your Outlook contacts are up to date every day, Evercontact works continually in the background and lets you know of any contact that it can improve, making sure your contacts are never out of date.

To create a brand new address book without an ounce of effort, you can have Evercontact analyze your past email to detect and recover all of your missing or out-of-date contacts and automatically update them in your new address book. Choose between 20.000 or 60.0000 emails scan.

Quick Installation Time-saving Free Trial

Quick Installation


Free Individual Service

Forget about copying and pasting contact information field by field to create a new contact as Evercontact's chrome plugin can do this for you automatically, avoiding all those small errors as well!

Download Outlook Add-in

Evercontact for Outlook can be up & running in just a few minutes.

Once you set up Evercontact for Outlook, you get ongoing daily service for free, and you can choose to launch a Flashback at any point ($49 for 20.000 emails or $99 for 60.000 emails).

Detection & Automatic updates for contacts Evercontact's daily service for Outlook Flashback for Outlook

They love Evercontact & you will too!

Evercontact is free for individuals!

To activate Evercontact, please accept the Gmail/O365 permissions or download the Outlook add-in.

You need to authorize email access in order for Evercontact to access your incoming signatures and update your address book.