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chrome plugin

chrome plugin

Evercontact's plugin automates this process for any contact you find on the web!


Our Chrome Plugin will allow you to quickly add any contact on the Web directly into your Gmail, Google Apps, Salesforce or Zoho address book.

It will save you countless hours of mindless copying/pasting by automating the whole process so you can add a contact in 1-click!

It detects contact info found anywhere on a Web page and then allows you to save all of that info directly into the right fields in your address book.

How it works

You are on a Web page that has a contact or contacts you'd like to add to your address book. You highlight this data & click the Evercontact button.




The plugin then analyzes ALL of the contact information and determines what type of info it is (name, company name, telephone number, address etc).

Capture and Update


Then, with one click, these coordinates are directly integrated into your Gmail, Google Apps or Salesforce address book.

Benefits from
Evercontact's Chrome Plugin

This plugin will make your life easier automatically integrating all the contacts that you find on the web into your address book.

Contact detection Integration of contact info Multi-platform

The Chrome plugin automatically detects contact information you find on any Web page. Simply highlight the text area where the contact is located.

The contact info and specific contact are automatically added to your address book after a confirmation on your part.

The plugin is installed on your Chrome browser, but you can enrich your Gmail, Google Apps address books, your Salesforce or Zoho CRM and can even export a vCard to save directly in your desktop address book or Outlook.

Quick Installation Time-saving Free Trial

The Chrome plugin installs in just a few clicks from the marketplace Chrome & then can be used at anytime by just clicking a small button in the top of your browser.

No need to copy and paste each bit of contact information for each contact you find on the Web. The Chrome plugin does this for you automatically and saves you from those painful, unintended human errors!

Evercontact’s Chrome Plugin is entirely Free! Save valuable time and manual errors when scouting for new contacts.

Get the Google Chrome plugin

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