Auto-magically find and update missing and outdated contacts hiding in your older emails

Save hours of searching, copying and pasting as we update all of your past contacts overnight!



With Flashback, get rich contact info
for all of the people you've been emailing the past year or 5 years

Flashback will automatically enrich your address book with all of those missing or forgotten contacts, and all of this with no effort on your part- just by analyzing your past email exchanges.

Within 24 hours, enjoy a completely up-to-date address book!

Flashback also allows you to benefit from your teammate's exchanges to create a database for all of your clients, or get started with a new mailing list overnight!

How does it work?

Flashback automatically detects all lost or forgotten contacts in your email archives (1 or 5 year(s) back or 20,000/60.000 emails depending on your email account.

Contact Mining

Contact Mining
Intelligent Analysis

Intelligent Analysis

All those contact details that are missing (email, telephone, address, skype) will be found & updated without an ounce of effort on your part!

Capture and Update

Automatically Update

Of course, before updating, Flashback compares the info it's found to your current address book making sure that it updates only the most current info & never deletes any info that you've personally added.

Choose the flashback that suits you best to update your address book overnight!

Gmail Version Outlook Version Salesforce

Gmail Version

Outlook Version


- Automatic updates for all of your contacts

- Create new/missing contacts in your address book

- Automatic updates for all of your contacts

- Create new/missing contacts in your address book

- Validate your new/modified contacts and leads

- Create new/missing contacts/leads in your CRM

Flashback updates your entire address book overnight, and on the platform of your choice - Gmail, Google apps or Outlook.

Create a brand new Gmail address book

Create a brand new Outlook address book

Massive contacts & leads creation or updating.

Check out our Flashback pricing
so you can get rolling right now!

Interested in an overnight update of your address book from all the people who have emailed you last year (5 years)? Check out all of our Flashback options.

Flashback pricing

They love Evercontact & you will too!

Evercontact is free for individuals!

To activate Evercontact, please accept the Gmail/O365 permissions or download the Outlook add-in.

You need to authorize email access in order for Evercontact to access your incoming signatures and update your address book.