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Automatically update contacts in your Gmail address book!

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Isn't it better when a computer does all the boring work?

Evercontact analyzes email signatures in your incoming email, then registers (and constantly updates) this valuable contact info directly into your Gmail contacts.

Main benefits

100% Seamless

Working silently in the background, Evercontact detects contact details in your incoming email, then saves them to your address book (and continually re-checks them). Once a day/week/month (your choice) you receive an email with all changes to your Google Contacts.


Evercontact can scan several email accounts and consolidate all contacts in your main address book. Up to 3 accounts included in Premium or CRM plans.


Scan your past email from 1 to 5 years back to update all of those contacts you never had the time to take care of before!

Chrome companion

If you're a Chrome user, give our Chrome plugin a try: while the daily service takes care of your new contacts, the extension lets you "grab" any text on the web & add it to Google Contacts, Evernote, Salesforce or anywhere else as a vCard.

Plans & Pricing

Premium plan - unlimited updates for your address book - US $/year

CRM plan - unlimited updates for your address book & CRM - US $/year

Premium and CRM plans both include UNLIMITED use of Chrome extension.

Flashback option

  • 1-year back US $
  • 5-years back US $



A virtual assistant for my contacts! Love it.

Greg Ligon


We use oAuth and OpenID so that you do not need to provide your password. Additionally, Evercontact has passed the Salesforce security review and Norton/Symantec review acknowledging a strict implementation of safety standards throughout all back-office and front-office processes.
For payments, we use Paypal's industry-leading technology to keep your information safe. PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available).
Respect for your privacy is our absolute priority. No human reads your mail. A remote server receives a copy of your incoming mail and uses a detection system that analyzes your messages to find new contact details and then saves them to a new or old contact. Once this task is performed, the copies are immediately and automatically deleted, though to accurately perform our continual updates, we temporarily keep snippets of the email (header/to/from/signature). All information is deleted after one month.

We have two versions of the service - automatic and manual. If you prefer to be more in control of the process, try out our manual mode so you can save, edit or ignore any contact that our system detects.

Our average client will have around 20 updates per month, though some have as many as 200 and others have only a few. Otherwise, the average flashback is over 200 contact updates for a year scan.